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Economic News

Morrow County, Ohio
Ohio Auditor releases county financial release tool
January 26, 2017
Ohio Auditor of State Dave Yost has released new tool to help cities and counties better assess their financial health and make informed budgetary decisions to avoid potential future fiscal stress.
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Morrow County ‘Land Bank’ receives funding for blight elimination
November 8, 2016
Morrow County and the Morrow County Land Reutilization Corporation commonly known as the county “Land Bank” announced today that they received a $625,000 grant from the Ohio Housing Finance Agency, making it the largest local grant award for blight elimination to date.
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Morrow County Economic Development Office receives $3,000 grant for website, business project
June 12, 2016
Through an investment initiative aimed to attract and retain businesses in Morrow County, AEP Ohio has awarded a Local Economic Advancement Program grant to the county development office.
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Morrow County Economic Development Director Shane Farnsworth speaks to Cardington Council about commerce
April 12, 2016
Farnsworth, named to his position in January, continued “We also manage the newly created Morrow County Land Bank which focuses on blighted properties through the sheriff’s or auditor’s sales, which acquires those properties cited for demolition and to get back on the market as green lots or to rehabilitate a house or commercial structure to get it back on the tax rolls- making them useable properties again. Cardington is on the side of the land bank to work with those properties that have been blighted - they keep going up for sheriff’s sale. This can be an opportunity to clean up those areas”.
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Morrow County’s largest employer, Cardington Yutaka Technologies, recognized by Morrow County Chamber of Commerce
February 23, 2016
Cardington Yutaka Technologies (CYT) Vice President, Doug Pfeifer accepted an award in recognition of the industry’s 20 years producing automotive parts. CYT began production in June 1996. Now with almost 1,000 employees, they are the largest employer in Morrow County. More than 40 percent of those employees are Morrow County residents..
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