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Mount Gilead, Ohio 43338
Business Expansion and Location Services

Morrow County, Ohio
The Morrow County Development Office provides services to existing companies, companies considering Morrow County for the first time and startup enterprises.
Morrow County consultants and local allies speak in person to area companies each year to better understand the challenges and opportunities that our businesses are facing in this very dynamic economy. Each interview is an opportunity to learn more about our region's workforce, supply chains and general business competitiveness.

We can facilitate meetings with other businesses, workforce development partners, and federal, state and local leaders that can assist companies with a variety of issues.

For growing local companies, our team of economic developers can assist with identifying financing, business incentives and workforce planning programs.
For companies considering the Morrow County as a business location for the first time, the Development Office provides customized site analysis research to help company officials and location advisors with locally generated data and program expertise to navigate the many programs that exist to assist new businesses. Site selection services include:
Customized site and building tours.
Interviews with similar companies to learn first-hand what it's like to operate in Morrow County and the Columbus Region.
Detailed meetings with local and state officials who administer tax and business incentive programs.
The Morrow County Development Office works with international companies, both existing and companies not presently here, to help navigate the many issues specific to businesses headquartered internationally. International business services include:
Guiding companies through the myriad of additional considerations that must be addressed for companies owned by foreign interests
Personal assistance for international business executives
Facilitation to public and private service providers for international companies
Help understanding the regulatory environment
Entrepreneurs are an engine of our economy and the Development Office team can help them accelerate their businesses. A variety of programs offered by the State of Ohio and local government are available to assist entrepreneurs. We can help startups by identifying financial partners, providing industry research and facilitating introductions to larger businesses and potential customers.